About us


studjurban is an energetic architectural and urban design consultancy that delves deep into what makes a place tick. Established in 2012 with the prime intention of championing high quality urban and architectural design in Malta, studjurban strives to achieve this in practice through an iterative philosophy, linking policy, research and collaboration to design and subsequently increasing awareness of place.

Over the past years, the office has grown to a team of professionals with a deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience in urban design, landscape design, architectural design and interior and bespoke product design. A number of the team members are also currently involved in both policy making, as consultants to the Planning Authority, and urban design/architectural research, within two current key research projects – a socio-spatial study commissioned by the Valletta 2018 Foundation and the formulation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the Valletta region commissioned by Transport Malta. studjurban is also regularly engaged by other architectural firms in order to carry out urban design studies and character assessments for their projects.

studjurban prides itself in producing high quality projects, from inception to completion, and maintaining a strong two-way relationship between design, policy and research.

Planning Authority, Malta

The new Planning Authority was launched in 2016. The new legislative act came into force in 2016, whereby the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, better known as MEPA, is now split into two autonomous authorities, independent of one another. The Planning Authority is responsible for sustainable development, and the environment has the remit of the new Environment Resource Authority (ERA).

The Planning Authority is operating new structures and systems whose primary aims are to ensure effective and efficient processes. Whilst lessening the bureaucracy, these processes would continue to ensure that planning and development are done in a sustainable manner.